Update on the "I need help" thread


Apr 5, 2019
Western Ma
So, since my last post, "I need help", I have made some significant changes to my coop and run. Thanks to my BYC flock who as always, has given me some fantastic ideas.
I am including pictures, but will explain what I have done.
I took the advice from some of you and opted to get the 10X10 dog kennel from TSC. I put the coop inside of the kennel, then put chicken wire over the top so my flock can no longer get out and hawks can't get in. I was lucky to find a few rolls of hardhard cloth in my garage I didn't even know I had!! With that I zip tied it along the sides of the coop about 6" out and covered it with dirt.
Then put about 6 or 7 more inches going up the sides and the gate again zip tying everything together. It is working out great so far.
If anyone thinks I can improve in any way, please don't hesitate to chime in:wee


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