UPDATE w/ new pics-A Tale of Four Broodies: Currently Day 21


9 Years
Apr 23, 2010
Rexburg, ID
Several weeks ago we were thrilled when our little gray lavender Ameraucana became the first broody of the season. Shortly after she went broody, she was joined by another hen.

About a week later, a third hen went broody. Day 1--We divided up two dozen fertile eggs between them.

Day 14--A fourth hen joined the group. We borrowed some eggs from the other ladies and she settled right in.

Nest swapping is a regular occurrence.

Day 20 (April 15). Everything is looking good and pipping has begun! (I realized later that candling eggs at this stage is probably not a great idea. We only candled two eggs. ETA both eggs have since successfully hatched!)

Day 20 (April 15) We all got a kick out of hearing little peeps coming from within the eggs.

Day 21 (April 16) The chick are starting to hatch! Seven and counting!

That's where we are so far. I'll update with pics as more chicks hatch. We are so excited!
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At last count there were at least 9 chicks between the four mamas, but it is hard to tell. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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