Update... We Have 7 Babies Now, Pics On Pg. 3, 4 & 5...


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Sep 7, 2008
Munfordville, KY
We have a broody BO who has been sitting for 2 weeks now on her nest of 11 eggs, I put 10 under her and somebody added another one acouple days later... so exciting

Heres 2 pic. of her when I was putting the eggs under her...


Heres 2 pic. of her about a week later in her own area...

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So sweet!

I love my broodies! They are so fun to watch and listen to while they cluck to their eggs. Then comes the precious part of watching their instincts take over and become mama's! It's just precious to see the little chicks run back to mama and nestle themselves back underneath her wings and body to get back into their their safe zone.

Congrats on having a broody! Can't wait to see her chicks!
gumpsgirl - Thanks and I cant wait to watch all that!

The Chicken People - Awww man... that stinks, lol I really dont think I'll let anymore set on eggs til spring, dont know if that will be a good idea to let them in the winter?
waw, she's pretty, i hope she will be a good mom.

i see that see is not feel of being disturbed by you when you're lifting her body to put eggs, mine have gone broody 3 times in 2 months and whenever i get my hand close about 30 cm, she will get away ASAP.
and i won't let her to set since none is fertile.

good luck with you.
Today is day 15 and I tried my hand at candling... only took 3 eggs from the nest to candle... the 1st egg was the 11th egg that got added 2-3 days after I put the 10 eggs under Momma BO and it was all clear, light shined right through it. The other 2 were very dark, couldnt see any light through them but at the top of the egg... is that a good sign? Wish I had a candling expert here.....................
not an expert but have some experience, that can be good and can also be bad.

you can candle it from above (as you have done) and the light can pass the air cell and try to locate vein or movement, if any of those 2 signs appear then, they're still alive and develop.

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