[updated] APPROXIMATE Cost of building an 8x12 shed or buying one


Apr 9, 2010
Glasgow, KY
I want to build a chicken coop that is 8x12.
I saw some sheds at Lowes that were over $1,400.
Now I'm wondering how much would it cost (approximately) to build one if I, say, bought all the materials from Lowes?

IF it'll cost the same to make as it does to buy a shed, perhaps I should go that route (for now).

Does anyone have an idea of how much an 8x12 shed coop would cost to build (APPROXIMATELY)?

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I've been going through the EXACT same situation. I've been to Lowes several times to price the OSB or plywood, the trim board, etc. to do it myself. You don't spend as much money by buying it, but you have to consider your time by building, painting, and replacing if you make mistakes.

If you can afford it and aren't good at building, I'd buy one. Fortunately my husband really enjoys building things so we'll be doing our own. I almost wish we'd buy one at Lowes though, because they are DARLING!
Asking how much it costs to build an 8x12 shed is like asking how long is a piece of string. It depends (in this case, on what materials you choose to use, which will affect aesthetics and longevity).

If you pay full retail for the same materials as that (or any other) premade shed, you are likely to spend more than you'd spend just buying the premade shed or kit straight-out, especially if you also have to buy some tools and especially if you choose to build it better quality than the premade (which frankly I think would only make sense, not that some of the premades are SO badly built but if I'm doing it at all I'd rather do it to *last*). Unless you are in a hurry, I would also recommend that if you're contemplating building a coop yourself you NOT buy everything from Lowe's but rather spend at least a coupla months actively scavenging for materials. You will still have to buy SOME stuff but not nearly as much.

Then, there is another option you have not mentioned -- buying a secondhand shed. You have to find one in good condition i.e. originally good-quality AND still in good shape, but this is often doable and as long as you can find a way of moving it can save you a considerable chunk o' change.

Good luck, have fun,

If the shed in the picture you posted runs around a $1000, I think that's pretty fair. Those materials add up fast. The plywood shown in the pic with the vertical stripes is expensive. I think it's called t111 or something like that. Then the shingles, the hardware, etc... If it's OSB wood then that's cheapo but if it's good plywood, $1000 is a fair price.
Forgot to add that you can look on Craigslist for used sheds, or the materials to build one yourself. I've found a couple that are exactly what I want and very cheap, but I could tell when I saw them that they'd fall apart if I took a single nail out to disassemble for the move!
I have about $1000 in my chicken project but that also includes the run which I think was about$300. Mine isnt all pretty like that though because we are siding it with old barn wood to look like a wild west building.
i had this 10x12 gambrel shed built by a local shed builder. built on my property for $1500. its my chicken coop. its t1-11 siding with 2x4 structure 30 year shingles and 2x8 planking for the floor . i put vinly down on the floor over the planking .

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Thank you so much!

You guys are awesome!

You've helped me a lot.

I never thought of looking for used shed!

And I really wanted to know APPROXIMATELY how much a shed would cost to build (no frills).

Like I really did not know if it'd cost $200 or $2000! I'm that clueless!

So this gives me a good starting point on what to decide to do.

Thanx a bunch!!!

I find that most of the time, it costs us to build a shed/coop about half of what it does to buy it or have it built by someone. That's just very generalized, of course, and we own the tools already; the more materials you get for free, the less it will cost. Naturally, good full-length 2 x 4's or good full sheets of plywood are hard to find and usually must be purchased from somewhere like Home Depot.
If that shed is built out of plywood, then I'd say that it's a good deal. We built a 10x12 one last summer and spent around $550 for materials, but that didn't include 2 windows, asphalt shingles or trim boards which we already had laying around. So if we had to go out and purchase those our total would have run over $800 easily, AND it took my husband over half the summer to complete it. Shop around for both shed prices and materials, Lowes will match prices with any lumberyard and we saved quite a bit doing that. My comparison shopping was done by phone too, so I saved on gas.

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