Updated Duck House

Well that's just adorable!
Gorgeous!!! I love using recycled materials myself when ever possible- and as your duck house shows- recycled doesnt mean old and ugly. You have put a lot of thought into the design- and it looks wonderful- very pretty - and having the split roof looks like a wonderful idea. You have some very lucky...and gorgeous ducks there too.
Hmmm -- well it's a 4x8 footprint -- and home to 3 ducks right now. It could probably accomodate 2-3 more - tops -- but only because they spend most of their time out and about. When I tuck them in at night (close their door) - they each have their own sleeping place - and though it seems like there's lots of room - once they're awake in the morning - they need space so they can go from window to window - waiting for and quacking at me. And you have to consider the poop ratio factor....
1 thing I do recomend is to put locks on your door. Racoons can open a slide bolt so its not a good idea to use 1 of those. You might be better with a hasp and padlock so nothing can get it.
Just thinking of the welfare of your beautiful ducks...oh and I love their new condo, very nice
very rustic! what color are you going to paint. i think it would look very victorian in white. but more farmy in barn red of coarse. beautiful love it. it look like a weekend cottage geteaway.

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