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the h3ll day from h3ll lol...

it started earlier in the wk..of course remember this is the wk hubbyis working..so he's no help.. ugh..oh well..at least he has an income..thank you God!

Anyway; so yesterday we go to tell my neighbor about her transformation of her floors/carpet...(remember this is the elderly lady whose floor is falling in and she has
2x4 pieces cut to fit under her chair etc)..so she was overwhelmed, upset, anxious etc..but extremely thankful!!

we showed her, her new carpet, her new tile and we helped her pack up all her breakables and her small things to her other rooms...

we moved out some medium pcs of furniture and then we had the guy who was laying carpet come give us an estimate...well he "estimated"
thjat we dont have enuf' carpet..great...

of course this was later in the evening after the carpet stores had closed!

So, that kept me anxious all night long and I couldnt sleep too much last night..woke up this a/m, had to go to a Pre-k picnic for my dd, went to a small town by here
thinking I can find a remnant in a very similar color to put in the hallway...no go..
so then I call the original store panicking about it, they go ABOVE/BEYOND what they should have done, found me a 12x12 remnant in an extremely similar color & padding for $100 flat..
they wrote off the padding for the original order & delivery too...

so then I had ppl coming over by 4pm today & guess what?? NONE of the youth group kids that were asked to show up..showed up..WTHECK...we have 300+ ppl in our church and EVERYONE
was working? EVERYONE was camping?? Everyone was paintballing?? dont get me started..

so a friend of mine and her 15 yr old son came over, she put a call into her friend who called her 20 yr old son, who called HIS friend and we moved the furniture out and pulled up all the
orange and green carpet...moved out a huge sofa-hidabed thing..grr..we ripped the top of the sofa..so now we have someone coming over to fix that for us..

We are blessed to have a great li'l diner in town who is feeding 12-14 of us for $44 ttl...
we have a lady in our church who brought over fruits, granola bars, donuts for the a/m, waters, sodas, gatorades, chips, cookies and crackers for our snacks..to keep everyone in good spirits
not hungry, carb ladened and sugar highed lol..so they work good...

(happy sugar-fed workers will owrk great lol)

however, it is going to be SLOOWWWW going tomorrow as the floor, the reason its giving out is its particle board!!!!!!! WHO PUTS PARTICLE BOARD DOWN FOR FLOORING??????????????


so that just splinters off into tiny pieces..that will take FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR at least several hours for several ppl to sledgehammer it up and shopvac it up..

Tonight I pulled up 90% of the carpet..my arms are bruised...ugh..

all I know is that its going to be hard work tomorrow...

the goal for tomorrow is:

tear out the remaining carpet
Tear out the sticky tile in the kitchen..
tear out the stupid particle board in the living room, dining roo, hallway and kitchen
shop vac it all up..
lay down all new 3/4 in OSB in all those places...
wash all her rugs & drapes
move in the chair, tv, loveseat and ottoman

Then come tuesday morning:
hubby and I hjave to go back at like 8 am to move those pieces BACK OUT of her house...
so the guy can come lay the carpet/pad...
tuesday afternoon/evening we get to move her couch/loveseat/chair/ottomans/tv/hutch/dining room table/chairs, treadmill, small & medium furniture back in..
wed I crash..
Thursday DH/I leave for a mini=getaway while we go to the homeschooling convention..

here is what parts of the floor looked like today as we worked on them:

CARPET: (This is a lady who got her moneys worth out of the carpet and pad..the pad isnt even pad..itslike brown foam..weird..:

these holes represent where her holes were in the floor; but we sledgehammered bigger holes to see if the floor joists were bad (THEY DO NOT LOOK ROTTED PRAISE GOD!!)




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So sorry all your church friends let you all down. That wasnt very nice of them!

You're doing a sweet nice thing for this poor lady....
She has some family..extended like grandchildren/neices/nephews etc...

however; she had a son who died when he was really young...childhood/early adulthood or so..
she had a daughter that died unexpectedly a few yrs ago...
she has a daughter that is mentally impaired and institutionalized..
she has one daughter that tries her darndest to help her mom, but she is living paycheck to paycheck..in another town..

we help take care of her..we do things like "oh wow, this was such a great buy I thought you'd like some" (when it wasnt really a buy..I just
wanted to take some burden off her that week)

or fix dinner; I double it and take some over to her..
or lots of goodies...Christmasttime we pay her lot rent for a couple months to give her a break and usually put a card for her at the church w/$100 cash in
it anon.-wise...

It says in the Bible to not turn our back on the elderly (paraphrasing) and thats what we are doing..its just the RIGHT thing to do...

however, remind me of it tomorrow night when my back/feet are screaming from agony after all my lifting I'm not supposed to do.. (back injury in 1994)..
which is why I couldnt do CNA work much anymore..
What a wonderful thing you are doing for this lady. Someday down the road when you look back on this you won't remember being tired or wore out. All you will remember is the good feeling that it gave you to be helping someone out!!
You are an angel!

Remember, what goes around comes around. You will reap what you sow.

And I'm certain that this woman is lucky to know you.

Tylenol and icy hot.....hope you don't ache too much.
AMAZING day is all I can say!

I could not sleep last night..so my sleep was about 4 hrs llol...I was so anxious for today!

my day started about 615 am...my sons about 630 am

we started the "hard stuff" at 730ish...we tore up all the subfloor, PRAISE GOD, SERIOUSLY THANK YOU LORD, ALL, read EVERY SINGLE ONE of the floor joists
we in great condition and did NOT need to be replaced.

We had a few very minor issues, which were quickly resolved...

Had a small issue where we were going to tear out the kitchen floor, however, we realized
that the reason the floor was sinking in the kitchen under the refrigerator only, is because when they put
the floor down, they did not use concrete board under the refrigerator! HELLO!?

so we were able to save time, money and labor on my volunteers by cutting out the floor there, putting OSB down..
so we then were going to clean the floor and then lay the new tile over it all...
well, then we found the matching tile from the old floor (GOD PROVISION #1)..so, guess what?? we didnt have to lay any new tiles..
just tomorrow when we put the Luan (SP?) barrier down, we can use th sticky tile where we cut it out...it'll take 15 min max...

carpet goes in tuesday..so for now, we pulled her loveseat, footstool, chair, side table, lamp, rug & TV out to set her living room up..
so she can enjoy herself for the next few days til carpet goes down..

I had such amazing guys today..hubby came home from working 11 hrs..and worked from 945 to 2pm..went to bed, got up at 840 and left for work at 940..he's exhausted...
the other 3 guys that were "FT" volunteers are amazing..I fed them well!!!

we had ordered from a local place; had it delivered (the ONLY place in town that does)..anyway; I had went there last night and grabbed sandwiches for us after tearing
out the carpet etc..last night we were starving and it was late..soo..we went there..after my kids had ate..they were complaining "Can we have a snack?" I'm like what? you
just ate..but knowing the owner, he walked over and got into the day old donuts he doesnt sell at the end of the night; gave the kids one..free...then he looks at me and says..
HEY! Do you eat meatloaf? I'm like yeah why? he said I made too many for the special today and I dont want to throw it away..I said sure..so he gave it to my son and I
had him put it in the fridge....(yes I'm going somewhere here)..so then today; it was like 315p and I'm like, we have at least another 4-5 hrs of this..I gotta feed my guys!!

so I'm like WAIT! I have that meatloaf..so I go in and pull it out..its not a normal size meatloaf in loaf pan..its a huge 5-6 lb meatloaf...HUGE...(God provision #2)..so I peeled
a bag of potatoes, made macaroni, my g'friend ran and got some rolls and ice and more drinks..I used my canned beef broth and made homemade gravy..
fed my guys and off back to work...

my son ..I cannot believe how much he truly worked today..out of a 14 1/2 hr work day; he probably worked 10 hrs..no joke! 2 other teens (15 & 19) worked too!

I'll have to post pics when the carpet is in later on..but for now; Before/during/afters (pre-carpet)

Remember; her carpet; see how it is completely worn off:


Holes in the floor: -- Remember; her flooring was falling in, she had 2x4 pieces cut and under her chairs to keep it from falling in..these holes are bigger
because I needed to open it up more to ck on the joists...







my hard workin' hubby

(not hubby lol)


as after as we are gonna get w/o carpet down (tuesday!)


(remember in front of the sliding door..this is it!)


and her corner of her room until we are finished w/carpet:



My son at the end of the night; he just went to take his shoes off:
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