UPDATED with new pictures OLD INCUBATOR???

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Jan 12, 2010
Anderson, CA

These pictures aren't the best. I found this on craigslist. She says it has been in the same place in her in-laws yard for at least 26 years. Doesn't know if it is electric or ??? She says it is about 7 ft long, 2-3 ft deep and close to 4 ft high. Anybody seen one like this anywhere? It is about 2 hours from me and they want 100.00 for it. I am just not sure what I am getting into. She says the wood is not rotten, been sitting outside, but under an overhang. Mother-in-law has alzheimer's and can't tell her anything about it.

What would you do? Would anybody buy it if they had the chance? Will I regret NOT buying it? I would like to hear some thoughts.




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I'm no expert mind you. First of all, i don't think it's electric. If it is, i'd be very surprised. Call her up, tell her to pull it out from the wall and look for some king of identifying tag or label. Pics are kinda poor for making a 100.00 decision. From what i see, i'd offer her 20.00 bucks, take it or leave it. Just sayin'........

With a good second look, i do see a fan under it in the back, so maybe it is electric. Hard to tell.
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Looks to me like it was probably heated with kerosene. Of course a handy person could refit it with electric heating elements, thermostats and fans etc. When that redwood cabinet is cleaned up and refinished you will have a beautiful piece of furniture even if you don't choose to use it as an incubator. As to its value that would have to be negotiated between the seller and the buyer. I would suggest starting with a low offer and see what develops.
I'm pretty sure Sears & Roebuck sold Leahy Favorite in a larger cabinet style. Whether they had a model like this is the question. If in fact it's a Leahy, and in as good of shape as it's looks from pics, it might be worth the money. My curiosity is up now and if it was me, i'd call first and try to get more info, tag,label,etc. and take it from there. I'd really like to look at it myself, but then i'm a putz and love old junk. Be cool to get it working though.
There should be a plate on the back with the model and maker.

Looks like a redwood. Probably a kerosene model, but most are easily converted to electric. Looks like the trays are missing, but easily remade.

The redwood alone would be worth more then $100.

IT works like a kerosene lamp, with a wick, regulating thermostat, etc. Those were the Cadillacs of incubators back in the day.

Get it, whatever it takes. That thing requires some respect and a place of honor.
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