(Updated) WTB: Fertile Quail Eggs


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Mar 4, 2010
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Preferably Coturnix quail because I love the range of colors they come in but other quail (except the Tenesse Red) may work too, like Bobwhite or Button. I will pay with paypal.
Thank you!

Note: I am only looking for 6-24 Eggs, not 120+++ eggs that I see for sale on eBay. Also, I trust BYC members more than any eBayer due to past problems.

Story behind why I want to hatch out quail:

I ordered 200 Coturnix quail eggs from eBay. After 18 days in the homemeade bator, only one hatched. His/her name was Uno. He was imprinted very quickly, crying whenever I would leave and would only stop when he saw my face. Not my mom's, not my sister's, but only mine. He went missing after a few days. We, or rather I, found him in the brooder later that day, squished. He had apparently tried to follow me out and got stuck and died. I have since changed brooders and have both ducklings and chicks. None are as friendly or demanding as Uno ever was. I will forever hold our memories in my heart, new quail or no quail.
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