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Went out to the coop to let the chickens out a minute ago and found that my Dominequer had one of her eyes closed. After inspecting her further she was not as active as normal and was not eating but just resting. She was fine yesterday and she doesn't really have any other signs of sickness. Is it possible that she was pecked or poked in the eye? Please help if you have had any other similar problems? Thanks guys!!!
I'd like a reply to this same question. Same thing happened to one of our girls today. Any
suggestions on what to put in her eye. I'm guessing she was pecked in the eye. Thanks so much
My chickens have had several eye problems... There's usually two different cases.
1. Eye infection
The eye gets infected and sometimes sealed shut. There's normally pus around the eye(s) and they have watery eyes.
Treatment: Keep bird isolated from other birds and in a quiet calm place with hay or other type of soft, cushiony bedding. Every couple of hours get a warm rag and hold on eye(s). Then put some neosporin or vaseline.
Cause: Normally the cause is from drinking water with dirt or mud in it. The dirt/ mud then gets clogged in the sinuses and then make it to the eye(s).

2. Injury
The bird could have something in it's eye or could have been pecked/ hit. They then normally keep their eye shut.
Treatment: Well, what i do.... I leave the bird for a couple days and see if they can heal themselves if not i wrap the bird in a towel so that they cannot move. I then spread their eyelids open with my fingers. Make sure and look for a foreign object or blood. If their is either of those i take them to the vet.

I have had both of these happen to my birds. These are just my recomendations... Thanks, The bird sitter.
I agree but if i were you I would ]keep it away it from the flock. Just in case but the treatment is perfect.; Just watch her closely to make sure she does not have Mereks disease. Hope she gets better
In addition to infection, injury or marek's, a couple other options it could be are vitamin deficiency or chronic respiratory disease. The latter accompanied with bubbles in the eyes.
Im hoping that she was just poked. she is the dominate bird and doesnt usually get picked on. As forMerkes what are some of the signs and symptoms. Thanks for yalls help.

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