urgent chicken not moving


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Aug 11, 2009
she was fine and running all around and i went to feed her and she was just laying there then 5 hours later she was just laying there and was lethargic i tube feed her but maybe I did it wrong or something

How is she now?

Can you explain more about what happened?

If i understand you correctly, you tube fed her, and then she became listless? Is that right?

Can you explain how you tube fed her exactly? And why?

I've never tube fed a chicken, but maybe with more information, someone else can help you out.
I used to tube feed puppies when necessary. Sometimes the tube isn't in the right place and they would get aspiration pneumonia. It's easy to get complacent when you do it often. Not to mention having " the blind staggers "when feeding a litter every 3 hrs., around the clock, for the first 10 days.

I had two instances where before I could withdraw the tube the puppy was wracked with convulsions - obviously misplaced tube. I was just sick about it. They never indicated any problem when I first inserted tube. I would have expected discomfort or coughing but they took it readily .

Would imagine the same could(would) happen with chickens. I retired from tube feeding for that reason. At least I did succeed on many occasions - much better than my track record with eye droppers.
she hass to be tube fed because she has a cross beak now she looks even worse and i went over to see how she was and she stretched out her wings and looked all the way up idk why and was just laying there:(.She also looks kind of glassy eyed
her head is going to the side and she keeps falling to that side and wont stand up
I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable that i will chime in, but it sounds like maybe there was some kind of nerve damage? If that's the case, i think you might want to consider culling her so she doesn't continue to suffer.
i will try my best with what i can to help too. first of all crop feeding is very dangerous if u don't know what u r doing u have to make sure u miss the windpipe and have the tube far enough down the food doesn't come back up or she will aspirate.

if she is crossbeaked u can use nail clippers to trim her beak some so that it makes it easier to feed herself (when she is better and has the strength for it) and make sure her bowls r deep enough to get ahold of the food and water. she will need it trimmed up in order to eat on her own she would need weened back to normal food like crumbles or pellets.

i crop feed baby pigeons and sometimes chicks when needed and used to feed my tiels that way when i raised them. this is a link for crop feeding pigeons but it shows diagrams and explains so may help u with placement and such. i used to use pipettes but found the tube was easier for both me and the birds with less complications. sorry it says for pigeons but is the quickest one i know where to find info for.


i have used the bird hand rearing formula for chicks also in emergancy situations for a short time till i can get them on starter or sugar water so if u can't get anything else in her try those. to be honest if she is that listless and looking glassy eyed i doubt she will make it much longer but i have been there to and at least u r trying all that u can that is all u can do is try ur best. sometimes they can be saved other times they can't it depends on how bad she is. if she starts haveing seisures then i'd definately cull her once to that point usually there is no comeing back unfortunately and even if they do revive usually a short time later still don't make it.
hope this helps ya and best of luck,
i'm so very sorry about ur sweet little bird, unfortunately i don't know how to fix that.
i've never had one live past the next day at most usually if that is the case they go within minutes.

all u can do is keep trying ur best and use that diagram to help u with placement of the tube and pray she pulls through or sadly to put her down to keep her from suffering anymore. sometimes it's better for them just to to let them go to rainbow bridge where they can be at peace with nomore suffering or pain. i know it's hard but u have to decide what is best for her in the long run.

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