Urgent: chicks are sick unknown problem

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Chicken overload
14 Years
Apr 30, 2008
North Eastern Pa... Near NY
I just got some broiler chicks from a hatchery today. They are 3 days old and i just got them this morning in the mail. I noticed one bird was laying almost all out and holding its wings straight out to its sides and gasping ever so often I gave all the chicks sugar water like usual. they are unable to walk and act larchegic.The rest were fine. Tonight when i checked I have another 2 doing the same thing one was unable to walk and shaking its head back and forth the other one was standing up but had its wings out and acting lethargic. I noticed a few of the other broilers were holding there wings a bit away from there body but not all the way out. Sorta like they are over heating but i know that is not the case becasue of the way they are acting. help would be appreciated.
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