Urgent!! Droopy Roo


10 Years
May 26, 2009
Portland, tennessee
I recieved a Barred Rock Roo about 8 weeks old last night.. he roosted up and next morning I let him out, he escaped and I captured him and put him in a cage and noticed that he is dripping his wings.. I put him in the coop again on the roosts and he just lets his wings droop..Noticed his rear is nasty.. Is he sick?
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It does not sound like he is well. He may have cocci & I would also check him for mites & lice. Put him on some vitamins & feed some special treats like boiled egg unless you suspect he has cocci. Treat with corid or sulmet. Lethargy and droopy wings as well as blood in the droppings can be signs of cocci.
I went out and checked on him.. He is standing fine, He has picked his wings up and is peking around and drinking...His tail is not perky, But it is also in the middle of the night.. It has been in the 90s and humid..Maybe he was just hot? Also he has no mites.
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Yes, it could be the heat - not sure how hot your weather is:) I think you said his backside is a mess though? Does he have diarrhea? They can get the runs from hot weather as well. Be sure he has access to shade, lots of water and some cool dirt if it is really hot there.
95 degrees and very humid...My ladies stayed in the coop all day
Ducks played in pool all day.

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