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Jun 23, 2008
This is my second year hatching.

I have 3 ducks eggs (not sure what) and they are on their 19th day (started in the afternoon around 5 on February 22nd), day 28 is not until the 22nd of March, next Sunday.

The temperature has changed a bit. It has been around between 100.9-102.0, for the most part I keep it at 101.5. But once the temperature spiked to 103 and another time to 104 but only for maybe 20-30 minutes.

I have cooled them and misted since day four.

I have a still air incubator.

The humidity thermometer is around 73%, not sure if it's right though because I don't even have the water rings filled or sponges in.

I turn them three times daily about six hour intervals. There have been a few days that I was only able to turn twice, once in morning, once at night.

Since yesterday I went to turn them and while they were cooling and misting I noticed that they were rocking back and forth. All three of them. Now it's not violent like hatching but another to visibly see. When I hold them in my hand I don't feel movement and I don't hear peeping. I have not candled because I'm scheduled to do so Friday. Should I candle? Is this normal? What should I do?

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Jan 30, 2008
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Try to candle, and see what you can see.

You never know, they could have been just resting. And being so far away from hatch, they should be fine

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