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7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
Help. We had our 3 silkie roosters at the Ohio National show over the weekend. When we arrived back at the fairgrounds to pick them up, they were gone. We have spoken to show management, and posted on showbirdbid and Byc. If any of you know anyone who attended please pass the word. It was a white cock, a partridge cockerel, and a black cockerel, all bearded. They are not just chickens, they are an eight year old girl's pets. I can be contacted at the following e-mail. Thanks for your help and thoughts. Pictures are available if anyone needs to identify them.
Bob Seale
[email protected]
Aw that's terrible! I might sound like a weenie, but it makes me want to cry!
Well I wish you good luck! I hope you get your babies back! You will be in my prayers :)
We are so hoping this is the case. If anyone has them, please contact us, we just want them back, and appreciate anyone and everyone's help. It's all an eight year old named Julia is praying and asking for. Any info will help. Thanks
Bob Seale
[email protected]
Oh Lordy I sure hope they are returned to that child. I hate my best partridge pair stolen out of our coop in broad daylight....it is upsetting to say the least, especially for our daughters.

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