URGENT!! HELP PLEASE! Buff Orpington can not walk!


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Oct 1, 2008
My Buff Orpington is 3 year sold this month. For the past 2-3 months she has been getting slower & slower in her walking. She has good days & bad.
It's like she has arthritis! She has alot of trouble keeping her balance. It's like her feet hurt so bad she can't walk!

Today was a bad day! She only made it out 3 steps out of the coop. I thought she would make it across the yard slowly as she normally does, but she didn't.
I came home from work and she was still laying in the same spot...... in the 95 degree heat..... hotter int he sun!
I think I got to her just in time.....
I brought her in to the cooler house (78)... gave her water buy a dropper and she's eating..... but she can not stand.
She seems healthy... just can not walk!!!

WHAT IS WRONG???? I feel it's almost too late.....

PLease tell me what you think!! Ever seen this??

Thank You, Heather - Indiana
I had the same thing happen with a RI Red hen,found her dead today,she had been having a hard time walking the last week or so.had to pick her up and put her by the food and water everyday.still don't know what it was from?
Does she have one leg forward and one back or both going the same direction? I cannot for the life of me remember what it's called when they have that disease where one is forward and one back, but it's BAD.
Could she have bumblefoot? That is a staph infection of the pads of the feet caused by various things like walking on sharp rocks, and jumping off high rosts causing trauma to the skin.
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I checked her feet for bumblefoot.... No sign. Her feet are directly under her. She can push my hands away with her feet/legs... She moves them. Just won't stand for more than 3 sec. And won't walk.... Falls to her side. How do you check for Mareks?
No head tilt.... Acts just fine but can not walk! I have some photos I'm going to post in a new thread...please look for them!
Her & Her twin stopped laying eggs last November.... (???) after a coop attack.

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