Urgent help!!


8 Years
Jul 19, 2011
My pekin bantam is hatching a duck, today is hatch day, this morning when she left to eat and drink, she duckling had not externally pipped... But I could hear it creeping from inside the egg could that mean that it has internally pipped cause when I candled last night it had not internally pipped... Any help I now found out that I was meant to spray water on the eggs during incubation but I didnt do any of that, will this duck need help or what?
If you can hear it cheeping it means the duckling is breathing, so it pipped internally. Don't do anything to it. Let the hen sit on it and keep it warm. I've hatched duck eggs at the same humidity as chicken eggs in my incubator, I didn't spray them at all and they had no problems hatching. Keep in mind that ducklings can take up to 3 days to complete a hatch. The average is roughly 24 hours between internal and external pip, then another 24 hours from external pip to zipping and a few more hours zipping. Good luck with the hatch!

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