Urgent hen hatched poult question.... the Male?


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Apr 10, 2010
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Ok my hen hatched 4 babies today... they run off like idiots and get lost so I penned them up in a little brooder corral...
I am moving the corrall into the barn the turkeys sleep in at night.
Usually the chickens are in there too but I moved them somewhere else yesterday when I heard peeping under the hen
Should I move the turkey tom too? He stands around near her strutting.. hasnt bothered the chicks so far but.....

What do you think???? i need to know fast... here in about 30 minutes I have to pen them up!..
Quick answer. I haven't had this job yet but will keep the newly hatched poults, when we get them, away from all of the other birds, including the mothers. It seems that there are too many risks associated with a mixed coop.
Ours killed a baby last month so I separated them. I am not sure if that's normal or just my Tom. I would keep separate.
ok thanks
I locked him out and he got to sleep in his favorte place anyways... on top of the barn to greet the sun gobbling. I had to make a corrall out of wood for them anyways... they kept wandering off randomly and getting lost... They are penned up in the barn with heatlamp food and water... momma is getting in there and letting them snuggle up to her. Kinda a dual brooding... They learned from momma fast to peck and eat and scratch.... faster than my brooded inucbator poults ever do! I plan to add all my incubator poults that are hatching to her brood tonight since shes doing a good job. Yay! No stinky turkey babies in my house! haha. Turkeys stink fast!
You don't need a heat lamp. Moma will keep them warm. Keep the Tom away from her because he will try and breed her while she's brooding. Also, new born poults are escape artists. They will find any nook and cranny they can get through and everything will try and kill them including chickens.
well the barn they are in is open on one side and chain linked off for the birds. Very drafty. I dont want to take any chances..... The "box/corral is like 6 feet long and 3 feet wide.. pretty big so there is a heat lamp.... even momma was laying under it last night, storms rolled through and it was chilly. I noticed if she hopped out of the boxed in area they scuttled under the heat lamp. These momma hatched babies are friskier and the wheels in their heads seem to be turning faster than my brooder chicks.... they have the focused stare... is THAT food... aha lets run it down and make sure look... haha. The box I put together for them may become my new brooder.... I like it.

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