Urgent: out of chick starter, substitute needed


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May 6, 2009
We accidentally ran out of chick starter crumbles, and we won't be able to get more until Monday.
The chicks (RIR and BO) are six weeks old. They have been fed only the crumbles and water, and a few worms.
Could someone suggest something in the house that would be suitable for them to last until Monday?
Thanks a lot.
had the same problem last weekend! do you have any cherrio's? yo could mash those, I gave mine ground down oatmeal (blender) mixed it with plain yogurt, and banana's. They'll eat all kids of stuff... I also mixed some bread & cooked corn & bananas
you could even give them a little cat food too.
You can add come cornmeal too. Any of the grains that you can get from the grocery, just grind them or buy ground. If unground be sure to give grit. I would shop the bulk bins at the grocery.
cooked rice, oatmeal, plain yougert, ground up cat food, cornmeal (NOT biscuit redi-mix, but real cornmeal)
they will be ok with any of these for the weekend. lots of fresh clean water too.
Had the same thing happen to me when my chicks were about a week old or so....I asked here on BYC and got all sorts of great answers !

Scrambled eggs saved the day for me ...along with a big bowl of oatmeal !! They sure didnt starve before I got to the feed store on Monday morning !!
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