Urgent question on broody hen with eggs


9 Years
Jan 17, 2011
My broody is on 2 eggs. Another hen laid an egg in that nest ( infertile, I don't have a roo)
Anyway that egg got broke and contaminated my fertile eggs. I wiped them off on the hay and
fluffed up the nest. Will they be ok????
How did it contaminate the eggs?
I had something similar happen and I think it may have killed all of our eggs, but I didn't notice it until the goo was partly dried. I'd give them a good wipe down with a moist rag.
I just had 20 absolutely filthy eggs hatch in the bator. I wouldn't worry one bit if I were you. and also it's not contaminated if it was a fresh egg the only way it would be is if the egg sat for multiple days and was rotted!!!!!!!!!!
Last year I had a broody hen setting on 4 duck eggs. On day 5 or so she broke one of the duck eggs and got all of the other eggs all ucky. I didn't clean any of them off, cause I've heard you don't want to take off the "bloom." All three of the remaining duck eggs hatched!!!
Ok thanks. It was a fresh egg. I wiped them off with a damp towel. I will candle them in a few days.

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