Mar 27, 2020
Southwestern Pennsylvania
So I personally dont use hydrogen peroxide but i know it is a valuable tool so I wasnt going to argue against it without better knowledge... I just didnt want OP to use it more than once if they use it at all.

I mostly use betadine.
It certainly has its place, and I use it myself for minor wounds, especially cat scratches or chicken claw scratches, but I'd had some dumped on a large gaping wound on my own body, and it was, to this day, some of the most pain I had ever felt. I just feel there are less painful ways to disinfect. With no other options though, it is certainly viable.


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Jun 12, 2018
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Sorry that your chicken is wounded. Just stopping by to say that I treated a very similar wound (which has healed up without any problems) using the same methods mentioned by other posters here: rinsed with saline and vetericyn. I applied a wound powder after that as didn't have triple antibiotic ointment to hand at first, but I applied some of that later on. Their capacity for healing is amazing. Good luck!


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Sep 9, 2020
There could be some puncture wounds from fangs. Hopefully there is no internal damage. Try to get some disinfectant that can be sprayed onto the wound. 2% chlorhexidene is good and may be gound at feed stores. Hibiclens from drugstores is 4% and can be mixed with water. Then put plain Triple Antibiotic Ointment onto the wounds until they are healed. A wire dog crate with food and water, with a clean towel for bedding would be a good way to keep her. Leave the wound open. The dog crate could be in the chicken coop near the other chickens to keep her part of the flock.
Should they clean daily with the chlorhexidine or only when dirty now?

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