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    Nov 10, 2013
    Hey guys. A fox has got into my pen about an hour ago and got one of my chickens luckily my brother was quick on his feet and scared it away but it has done quite some damage to one of them. It has torn quite a large hole into her back, a bit of blood was pouring but surprisingly for the damage as I think it's quite severe although she seems calm about the matter as I was stroking her and watering and feeding her and she had no problem by the looks of it I have put some antiseptic and anesthetic on a medical gauze around the wound and put a bandage over that but under her wings so it's comfy for her. But I was her to be heal but from what I saw the wound was pretty bad I've put her inside of an animal box with food and water and hay ect but don't know what to do with her. your input would me much appreciated thanks.
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    They are very tough honey. I have had some attacked by a dog and was suppressed when they pulled through. I would keep her away from the others for a while so she can heal a bit. The others may try to peck at her wounds if you leave her in there. They sell a spray called Vetrycin at tractor supply and feed stores. It works great I would have some on hand and put some on her.
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    Sounds like you are doing well so far! As long as you don't let infection set in, I don't think she will need to see a vet for this! Chickens have an amazing ability to heal themselves. She may never have feathers again over the injured area, but it should heal over.

    The gauze is ok for now, but in a day or so, you are going to want to take it off and leave it open. Wounds open to the air generally heal a lot better than wounds closed off in poultry, in my experience.

    Just make sure you keep her separated until the wound heals from the other birds, or they will pick at it.
  4. moomoobiscuit

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    Nov 10, 2013
    Hey guys just a quick update she's doing really well! I'm so surprised I have cleaned the wound and changed the dressings she's currently being a bother and pecking my feet as I type this like you guys said going you keep her in the house for a while and I have fox proofed the entire pen so all should be good :D thanks for the advice.
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    Well done. Good news!
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    That's great news, you did a wonderful job, see! [​IMG]

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