use of Tea Tree Oil ?

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    I have heard before on this forum that Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) is toxic for birds, BUT I have used it on my birds more than once and have had great success with it!
    Is this just someones own idea because someone used it and their injured bird died any way? Rumor started...
    No one has given me any idea what this "toxic" substance does to the birds. Anyone?
    It is a great natural healer and unless someone can come up with something concrete, I will continue to use it... it's too good NOT to use!

    ps: Have used it on my dogs and cats also.
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    I am a big user of essential oils. I am also a professional pet groomer.Tea tree oil is a very good multi purpose oil to use but it can be toxic on smaller animals. I have seen cats have really awful reactions to it. Most tea tree based pet shampoos have a warning on them to not use them on cats. My personal opinion is that I wouldnt use it on either cats or birds. Just my 2 cents worth
  3. mmaddie's mom

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    Dora'smom wrote:
    Just a comment on the tea tree oil issue. It is not toxic for animals. Many dog shampoos have a small amount of tea tree oil in them. As a matter of fact, I just ran out to the back porch to check some of my labels, and Rooster Booster Pick-no-More lotion (for use on birds) does have tea tree oil in it. Mind you, it is present in a very small percentage, and maybe that is the key---too much would be toxic. Just wanted to clarify that point. . .
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    I actually use it as a disinfectant and deodorizer in my coop. I mix several drops in with olive oil and brush down my roost in my coop with it.

    I think anything to strong could be toxic, but a little bit hasn't ever seemed to hurt here.
  5. Smoky73

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    you can use tea tree oil for scaley leg might but use only a few drops mixed in with mineral oil. Works for even the most severe cases. I would not put straight tea tree oil on a bird without diluting it.

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