using a partial wood privacy fence as a coop

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    Nov 17, 2016
    hey ya all this is for any one who has a privacy wood or other wise fence yard that wants to use some of it for a coop run.we have two chicken runs and a duck pen with a partial privacy wood fence as safety and back and side boards. (the wood fence runs 180 feet down, and 35 feet across , this worked well for our chickens to run and eat, along with two coops to sleep and nest boxes.the privacy fence was there before my chickens& ducks. so far no problems, we are adding an extra run& coop for our new biddies coming in for spring. we covered partial half of run with metal (for the roof and treated wood for tresses across), using post stakes as to hold up tresses and roof and frames.the other 18 ft across we used deer netting over the rest way, to keep out any crawly and hawk predators. we use to get a stray cat now and then, but the netting they didnt like,when the would try to come over fence area so we havent had any problems of break thru"s yet. where the roof is, we have partial screen in ground and half way up, onto the wood fence area to keep mice, snakes and rabbits from burring under. the rest of the run is secured with grid screen and wood framing and two predator security solar guards posted out front and they keep the raccoon and possum and other such ones for foxes, coyotee and bears, all the dogs around keep them away.TG[​IMG] hopes this helps..

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