Using a radio for predators?

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My Coop
Has anyone heard of this? Or done this? I heard about this somewhere and have thought about doing it...

The source said to put it on country music or something like NPR where is talking & some music and it's supposed to help deter coyotes & coons...

I would be slightly worried about the fire risk, I suppose...but I already have a red bulb heat lamp in there...

You could put an AC adapter plug into one of the sockets of a motion sensor light and it could turn on both a radio and a light at the same time.
Not sure how long that would scare off a 'smart' critter, but it might be worth a shot.
I don't know about coyotes, but my sister has a light and radio wired to a motion detector to deter elk from eating their vegetable garden. So far it's worked.
If I could add only one thing to my fence for the safety of my chickens, it would be a radio. I have had one in the coops for over 30 years. Does it stop all predators, no, but I have watched bear and mountain lion get over the fence and head for the coop. Then stop dead in their tracks and leave the yard at a dead run. I leave mine on a talk show station. I have found that the human voice is the trick. When I used music, it was hit and miss, but when there was talking, they seemed to leave the coops alone. It also worked for smaller predators, but if they have been around humans they are not likely to run as fast.
could'nt hurt to give it a try...
I live on a farm. Have outdoor speakers. Tuned to country had a deer come to my squirrel feeder 20 yards from the house ate some corn . Finished eating corn layed down & listened to the music.
It' really only delays the destruction. We had raccoons terrorizing the cats. Turned on the radio to talk, and didn't have a problem for a few months. Then they got brave and got right back to what they were doing.
We have a radio in our coop and it has been up since spring - before the radio was installed our backyard was deer and turkeys - we haven't since either until this past weekend a flock turkeys entered the other side of the yard.. (never went close to the coop even with our tom gobbling)

We leave our radio on talk radio only.. From what we have heard it is the talking that keeps predators away!!
As a kid we had a radio out back to keep the coons away. But I think after awhile they got used to it. Maybe we needed to change the station more often.
Ha, I plugged in a radio at the barn a couple of months ago, because of a problem with a fox. I tuned it to the most boring, all talk station I could find. A few days later, while at the barn I heard the call..... It was our LOCAL station!

Oh, the dogs got the fox, & my flock still knows the news around these parts!
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