Using a shed as a coop?


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Oct 4, 2010
I've been wondering and looking for something that I can use as a chicken coop and I came across an Arrow Buildings Mid Gable SR1010 Lawn Building (10 ft. x 10 ft.), which Sears was having a sale on for $299, with a free floor kit because it's over $295. I'll post the link at the bottom of the posting.

I would like to see pictures of people who have converted a shed into a coop or any ideas or advices to turn into one.

I have about 20 assorted standard size chicks and about 30 Silkies chicks, which will need to be put outside a few weeks. Currently they are in the house. I'm also in the process of selling some of them. Either way I still need a coop large enough for 50+ chicken.

Do you think that it's to big for them and I should use something smaller?
I think tha would make a wonderful coop.

Good luck.

Well, 10'x10' is 100 square feet and if you are eventually planning to have 50 chickens in there, that's only 2 sq ft per chicken which isn't enough - should have at least 4sq ft of interior space (exclusive of run) per chicken, so it's definitely not too big, but maybe too small. I think it would work except that there are no windows and you would have to figure out how to modify it to allow for good ventilation. The price seems right if it's sturdy, and not too difficulty to modify with cutouts for windows, etc.
You will probably need to add lots of vents. Lots and lots of vents. Those things are an oven in the summer and will hold a lot of humidity in winter making frost bite a huge problem if your in an area that gets below freezing. Also does it have a small door as well as the big door? Having to open the whole front every day is going to cause some issues. The chickens will either not get fresh air on rainy days or the whole thing will be soaked. You'll also end up cutting a pop door or doggy door type thing if you don't just add a person sized door instead.

You want about 4sq ft per standard and 2 sq ft per bantam in the coop so that is only big enough for 50 chickens if you don't have standards and you used the whole thing without blocking any off for supplies.
Thanks everyone for all your input, suddenly it doesn't sound as good as I thought it would've been. I guess it's back to the drawing board for me I still have a few weeks to think/ start building a coop. Also i'm going to see if I can sell more chicks. I'm already thinking about ordering chicks for next year, which isn't such a good idea either...
I use a wooden shed as my coop very successfully--but I am lucky enough to live in a climate where it doesn't get colder than, say, 15 degrees F (and it getting that cold is unusual). I sadly did lose two chickens to heat stroke last year in the shed (they were broody, it was about 104 degrees out, and I wasn't home when it happened), but frequent spray-downs and better monitoring prevented that issue this summer. I added perches to the shed, and made a pop door in one of the human doors, and overall it's been wonderful. I'd like to add windows someday, but otherwise the shed has been perfect. I don't think a metal shed is a good choice, though--it retains too much heat.
I don't have 50 chickens, only 14, but I converted half of our solid wooden shed into a coop for them, and it worked out pretty handy.

This is the far away pic - the chicken area is about half the shed:

This is the inside - pardon my non-square carpentry skills, and the area where my DH though he needed to rip the drywall out. The back also has "windows" of about 1' tall, the width of the back.

is the shed metal/aluminum? if so you will want to think about rain noise (my chickens hate the sound rain on the metal roof) it echoes pretty loud for their sensitive ears and also depending where u live, and how cold it gets you might want to line the walls to avoid condensation in the winter = potential for frostbite.

good luck!

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