Using a shipping container for a chicken coop???

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    Hi everyone!
    We've currently got 50 birds (chickens,ducks, and guinea fowl) roaming in their coup. They have a relatively large pen to roam with a tall apricot tree and plenty of shade. I've got a large shed for everyone, with perches, so the foxes don't get them. Any way, as we live on a sheep stud and get so many foxes, we can't have weak aviaries. My question is if we renovate a shipping container will it be alright to house them at night? I was wondering if there will be any health hazards or anything. Has anyone ever tried it? I'm getting a bit addicted to this chicken thing and I need an upgrade anyway:)
    Thanks Everyone!
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    With enough windows and vents go for it. I see plenty of containers converted to offices and they're indestructible.
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    Feb 18, 2017
    What an interesting idea! Just make sure there's enough ventilation and I bet it would work. Keep us updated!
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    Some photos,

    all from google images[​IMG]

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