using broody hens to hatch pheasants


5 Years
Sep 12, 2014
Hello forum people!
this is my first post on BYC and i need to know about broody hens and pheasants

so firstly what is the best broody chicken species: silkies game hens ect. . . silkies seem like they are good at hatching but are more or less walking tv dinners for hawks and the like

secondly, will these hens care for these pheasants once hatched or will i need to separate the chicks once hatched?

any help would be appreciated
thanks in advance
I use black rosecomb bantams to hatch my pheasants, I like clean legged chickens they seem to keep the eggs cleaner, I take mine away after they hatch but I'm sure they would raise them OK
Standards are too heavy for pheasants they will bust the eggs, game hens are good setters but they don't like for you to check on the eggs they peck and shuffle and break eggs, if you leave the pheasant chicks with the hens you have to put them in a cage that the chicks can't escape thru, I use quarter inch wire for the pens, I take the chicks and brood them under heat lamps and set the hens with more eggs
Chickens can carry many diseases that they are resistant to but are quite fatal to game birds. Coryza, MG, and blackhead to name just a few. As well as a host of parasites, some of which are disease causing.

It is best to keep chickens separated from game birds and wash your hands and equipment between handling each species.
I agree about chicken disease being fatal to gamebirds, I raise a host of exotic and endangered pheasants, I treat my chickens just like my pheasants by keeping them wormed and parasite free, I guess I've been lucky I've never had any trouble .......

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