Using Chickens to help the Family

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    I am into my first year with chickens and absolutely love the whole scene. I have definitely become a "Chicken Zombie" and almost all of my time is spent working/walking/talking and defending those glorious gals that give me breakfast. I am trying to convert my twin brother into raising birds at his house but so far, no good. I have recently thought of another way that my chicken addiction can help out a family member in need and let me know what you think about the idea.

    My father was one of 16 children as a young boy (he was #6) and, as you can guess, I have cousins that I have not met yet though I am 44! The cousins that were closest in age and geography to my family were Kenny and T. J., sons to my father's sister and my Aunt Barbara. They and her husband, my Uncle Beverly, were huge influences in my life and remained so until I was married and had my own family. Both Kenny and T. J. are fathers themselves (5 and 4 daughters, respectively). My Aunt Barb recently passed away and I was able to catch up with both of the cousins as they were living in VA (T.J.) and NC (Kenny). Kenny has fallen on hard times recently and had moved back to his hometown in SC which is very close to me. I learned from T.J. that his brother is struggling to find work and spends a majority of his day indoors on the computer, gaming. This was a shock to me as Kenny was always ambitious and outgoing, as well as a capable carpenter/plumber/electrician/handyman.

    I called Kenny the other day as I had an idea to get him out of his house, working on the many (almost never ending!) projects needed for my chicken enterprises. He agreed to come out one weekend in the next month to begin. I will soon start a second job and will be able to have regular hours for Kenny over several weekends to build my coops/runs, wire them electrically and so forth. I am tremendously excited about the chance to reconnect with a dear friend and family member and help him financially, socially and emotionally in his time of need. I think it is almost divine intervention, though I am not a very spiritual person, that this has come about in large part to this crazy love of chickens!!

    I wondered what you guys at BYC think about my plan and look forward to any comments/questions/advice. The BYC community has earned my respect for there vast knowledge, patience and creativeness. I am 'wowed' by all of the members here! Thanks for letting me get that out.
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    That is a great idea! [​IMG]
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    What a great way of helping! Sounds like an awesome idea. Good for you for thinking of it.
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    this is great, I had a good friend who was dealing with depression after her relationship went south. I tried most of the summer to get her out to my place, but eventually I got her here and she stayed the weekend with her 2 little girls. She had a great time and just adored the chickens, She was indeed afraid of them at first. but that quickly changed and the following day she rejoiced in coming with me to gather eggs with our 2 girls. the kids had fun and I think seeing her little girl so excited about chickens and eggs made her day. We cooked those eggs for breakfast and she said they were really good. After she went home that weekend she came back a few times more with some treats for the chickens, the last time she came she told me she had built a coop with the help of her neighbour and a rabbit hutch and she bought 6 chickens and 3 rabbits, and she was real happy and excited.

    Sometimes a little relaxation and the capability to see the finer points in life that matter most is what it takes to get someone back on track. She is coming back up this spring for a visit and from what I hear she is doing real well.

    I think your friend/relative will enjoy doing hands on projects and more than likely appreciate your help, even though it might look like he is the one helping you, cause you will be working and will need him to help you build coops etc... [​IMG]

    Great Idea!!!
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    That's a great idea and may provide the impetus for him to move on to other projects. Well done!

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