using grass clippings in sand run.

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Last weekend I was mowing the backyard and decided to bag a couple of rows and throw it the run. We have to keep our hens in the coop/run while we are at work (lost 2 to the dog). So I thought they might like the extra greenery since their free range time has been dramatically cut back (after work and weekends only). The chickens seemed to like it. They were scratching through it immediately. I would usually throw some wood shavings in for odor and moisture control. The grass clippings seemed to be doing a better it's free. You get that fresh cut gras smell for the first 3 days or so. The poo just sorta dissappears after mixing with a garden rake. I plan to rake up the old clippings and throw into the poo bucket/compost barrel about every other week. So far so good...thought I'd share.
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    yum yum to chick chicks.

    [​IMG] ---- me likey grass..bwawk!
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    The chickens will love it and the left overs easily rake up for removal before they can create any issues

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