Using ink pad to stamp eggs


Jun 3, 2018
SJ New Jersey
Okay everyone - I bought a rubber stamp handle with a custom saying on it for my egg cartons, however, I practiced using it on some of my eggs to see what it would look like. From the information I have gathered, I will not continue to use the ink pad to stamp my eggs, HOWEVER, I want to know what other people’s experiences have been if they have done this. And I have given a few eggs away that I have stamped, without looking into it first (rookie mistake) and I want to know what is the worst that could happen if people eat the eggs that I have stamped. To answer any questions before they arise, I am not sure if the ink pad is “food safe” I would like to assume that it is but I would not be surprised if it turns out that it is not. And the ink is water based.... thoughts? comments? experiences? I know this was dumb to do without looking it up first as well, so please spare me the judgment...

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