Using LG Incubator with ACU-RITE Model #592W Thermometer / Hygrometer?


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Jul 25, 2010
Northern Chester County, PA
Does anyone have any experience with using ACU-RITE Model # 000592W Thermometer / Hygrometer? The remote Thermometer / Hygrometer for outdoor readings does not seem to provide exactly same temperature and humidity reading as base unit even with them in the same space on same surface at approximately 2 feet apart. Only 1 degree lower in temp and 4 to 5% difference in humidity. Has anyone else experienced this same issue? Finally the outdoor remote sensor seems to take much longer to provide readings. I am using the wireless remote sensor inside my LG still air incubator. The remote sensor fits perfectly on egg turner takes up two egg spaces



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I have a thermometer/ hydrometer that is about the size of your sensor and sits in my incubator in about two egg spaces. It's pretty accurate but I like the design of the one that you have. I wish there was a good way to check and see if they are accurate though. They always say to put them next to a thermometer that you know is accurate but how do I know if any of mine are? I've never tested them lol.
Have you had any hatches in this incubator before? I don't think the humidity is too critical until you set them in lock down at day 18, then the humidity is more important. My LG has a fan but not good on the humidity so I add a couple of wet sponges when I go into lock down. I have a few ACU-RITE Thermometer / Hygrometers. They may not be absolute but they are close enough. A broody can't control the humidity and some get off of the nest once in awhile.
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One hatching just this past Easter; I used the thermometers that came with the LG incubator but we only hatched 7 out of 32 eggs. Couple people that I have spoken to tell me I did well for my first time. Considerably less success than I anticipated, but it was my first attempt at using an incubator. From what I have been reading in the forms it appears there is difficulty maintaining good consistent temperature using the LG incubators. I am more concerned that the remote thermometer is not accurate.

This time I am gauging temperature based on the reading from the ACU-RITE Thermometer / Hygrometer. I have been diligently observing the LG temperature trying to maintain between 100.5 to 101.5 degrees. I also placed the thermometers that came with the LG in the incubator comparatively they are reading between 104 to 106 degrees. Hopefully the ACU-RITE reading is correct it would be terrible to be cooking theses eggs.

Fifteen of these eggs are rare breed chickens I purchased for hatching the other nineteen are my flock of various breed chickens those eggs are certainly going to be back yard mutts. Regardless they will be cute little “Back Yard Mutts”. I still should end up with a couple pure breed Araucana chicks; we have a very handsome Araucana rooster and really pretty Araucana hens.

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