Using straw bale as coop insulation and sound proofing?


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Jul 16, 2015
Hi all,
I came across this webpage that talks about using straw bales as coop insulation. The authors mention that straw bales are also a good way of sound proofing coops for roosters.

Has anyone ever tried this and how effective is it for sound proofing?
They can be pretty good. The downside is they attract rodents who will live inside them. Straw is best used in colder climates in my opinion, and only during the winter when things are frozen.


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Oct 28, 2018
Brilliant idea to have a straw bale constructed coop! From the linked article: "...In the morning, the doors are opened, the chickens are free to wander about in the extended food forest garden, picking off bugs and fertilizing the field. During daylight hours the roosters are allowed to crow outdoors. But come nighttime – its back into the insulated chicken coop and peace and quiet for the neighbours. Penny was keen to tell us that this particular chicken coop design meets all the needs of a chicken. They feel protected from predators and enjoy living in a beautiful strawbale chicken house that is also easy to clean and maintain. A terrific idea that not only looks aesthetically great and works very well too."

My neighborhood homes are too close to each other does not permit any roosters. Funny, considering hybrids of Red Jungle Fowl and fighting birds roam our islands freely. One even found it's way into our neighborhood park this week, having not read that he isn't allowed. :)

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