Utah Newbei


7 Years
May 15, 2012
Hello and Good Morning to everyone! My name is Faith and I am new to chicken raising. Big animal lover and raised a "city kid". Now in an area where chickens are ok and I've always thought they would make great pets. Hubby not such a big fan...( but he was up at 4am checking on the babies in the garage)

We have 4 Golden Sex Links and they are my "Golden Girls". Blanch, Dorthy, Rose and Sophia.. Also have what they call a "Black Lace" (which I can not find in Breeds section) named "Queen Latifia" They are all in their first week and seem to be doing fine.

You can count on hearing from me often, I will need help.

Thank You for listening and have a Blessed Day..
Thank you.... Do have a concern though. Been browsing the site and am seeing several pic's of baby hens that turn out to be Rosters. How does this happen if they are sexed ? I know the store could make a mistake but seems to happen often.
Welcome! I am new too- though I have been lurking- needed much info! I just became a chicken "mom" six weekes ago! Mine are out in the coop now. We got our bathroom back in the basement- but it was a great spot to raise the chicks!

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