Utility pigeon hatching eggs?


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Good morning,
I would like to get into raising a utility breed, however there are no breeders anywhere near me. Would anyone here be willing to sell a few utility pigeon hatching eggs? My loft currently has 12 pairs of ferals who are constantly nesting, so I would allow one of my pair to raise the chicks. Thanks in advance for any info!


Apr 8, 2018
I'm not sure how shipping works to the Virgin Islands, but in general people don't have much luck with shipping pigeon eggs. They are very delicate, shipping is expensive, and trying to get the timing of lay within 3 or so days is also difficult. It's basically why nobody does it...


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Just a lil update, I have some eggs coming my way in February. Although I would much rather just start with a pair of birds, sourcing any pigeons (much less utility breeds) appears to be impossible to do locally, and shipping adult birds to the USVI is cost prohibitive. The eggs are from a reputable breeder of high quality birds, and the price (understandably) reflects that. So before I dive into this endeavor early next year, I think it could help to do a trial run with some shipped eggs of 'regular' pigeons to ensure my setup will be adequate. Would anyone here be willing to sell me pigeons eggs for hatching? I'm am not looking for anything fancy, and am open to whatever may be available. I appreciate any leads, or suggestions for this project of mine.

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