Utility Trailer Lights??


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Apr 12, 2008
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My trailer lights work well, but when the tail lights are on the right trailer light is lit up really bright and when you put the right turn signal on you can't see it because the light is already bright but you can see the light on the side of the tail lights blinking which is a side marker light. Would anyone know why the right tail light would stay so bright and the left tail light is fine, Thanks


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This is gritsar's SO answering (not her).

This is only a guess, but taillight bulbs have two elements, one for the tail lights,and a brighter one for the brake/turn. Now it's possible the bulb is in backwards, or the wiring is reversed. There are small pins on the side of the bulbs that are supposed to orient the bulb correctly if the correct bulb is being used for the tail light in question, one pin being higher than the other. Some taillight bulbs have the pins equal, so check this. Also check the grounds. The grounding of a trailer is always a problem when not wired with a dedicated ground wire from the vehicle to the trailer.

Wiring from the vehicle back, the color code for the wires is:
Brown(sometimes black)= tail lights
Yellow= left turn/brake
Green=right turn/brake
any other wires in a harness are for marker lights or other extra lights.
Hope this helps rather than confuses.....


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Jul 9, 2008
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I agree with Gritstars SO's post as well - but - the wiring schematic may be different depending on how old your trailer (older ones dont have all the colored wires they do now) is and if its ever been rewired. We had black, white and red originally and had to pull new wire (4 color) throughout, but you still only use usually 3 for the main wiring schematic (from hitch to trailer). The lights can be a little different. Do you have brakes on your trailer or does it operate off of your trucks? That in itself creates the different wiring schematics you may encounter.

DH and I rewired our friends utility trailer and had sort of the same issue - its the wiring. You have something thats running "too hot" to that bulb. pull it down and see if something is touching it or if the bulb itself is faulty. Have you tried another bulb?

I'll ask hubby when he calls me later today what it was that was causing ours to do that and will post for you.


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Sep 30, 2008
Thats spot on. I, am the trailer light King. All my toys come on trailers. I have repaired and replaced so many trailer lights that it is just second nature to me. Get yourself some of those LED ones and be done with it. Looks the same from the outside, but are much brighter. I just dont run them on my boats. To expensive to be putting into the salt water.

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