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Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
DH and I are thinking about taking the kids to Disney next month but it would mean us being away for 9 days. My mother has offered to check on the birds once or twice while we are gone but she would rather not have to check on them every day.

We were thinking about leaving the ducks and geese (3 ducks, 2 geese) with five 5 gallon buckets for water. Right now we get about 2 days out of one 5 gallon bucket so five 5 gallon buckets would get them at least several days into our trip. The ducks and geese live in a 10x10 predator proof stall that has a raised floor and we do deep litter with them. Their water and food are at opposite side of the stall and their water is raised up on a pallet. We also built a wall around the water so that the shavings can't get into the water area so the bucket stays pretty clean. Right now the ducks pretty much stay in the stall (by choice) so it shouldn't be a big deal if they aren't let out every day.

While we are pretty sure we know how to keep the ducks happy during our vacation we are brand new to chicken ownership and don't know what to leave out for the chickens. We will have twenty 6 week old chickens and six 1 year old chickens. We are planning to leave the 6 week olds in a stall because it is predator proof and the chickens aren't able to fly out since we have the top of the stall netted off. The adult chickens live in the rafters and pretty much do their own thing, they can come and go as they please.

We are going to buy more 5 gallon buckets and also buy the push in style nipples from QC Supply so we can make our own waterers but we aren't sure just how many buckets and nipples we will need for each of the two age groups. I know the 6 week olds won't be full grown but I am not sure how their needs vary from that of an older bird. I would like to only have my mom watering once or twice throughout our trip if at all possible.

Any recommendations on how to water the chickens would be great. Thanks!


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Feb 22, 2011
Mcminnville, Oregon
my flock does a week on a five gallon waterer and ive got 25 large bred chickens the water fowl not shure never had them you might want to give the youngers a big watere so it lasts.

P.S. waht is DH
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Oct 10, 2010
Grand Blanc, MI
DH is dear husband. I'd want to be sure that they know how to use the nipples really well. My roo once got over zealous with their water bottle and got his beak stuck in between the tube and ball bearing. The water was pouring into his beak and he probably would've drowned if I hadn't seen it. He hasn't done it since, though! It takes my 2 grown seramas (bantams) to go through about 40oz of water. If you have about half again as much water as you think they will need, I would think every other day would be frequent enough for them to be checked on.


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Mar 18, 2010
Frewsburg, NY
My 19 hens drink 2 gallons of water a day in the winter, I can't recall how much in warmer weather. Just be sure that you have enough out for them if someone can't check them every day.

Neil Grassbaugh

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Sep 1, 2008
It's not a rodent watering device.

Really. Please clue me in onto what chicken waterer has a "ball bearing and tube". I thought that I had seen them all.


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Mar 22, 2009
Southern Wisconsin
OP, five gallons should last 6 adult chickens a week to 10 days, I am not sure about the babies, but to be safe (in case of someone tipping over a waterer) I would put out two 5-gallon founts plus the nipple waterers. It is much better to go overboard than to come up short in this instance.

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