Vaccinate your chicks?

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  1. Do any of you here vaccinate your chicks? If so, what do you vaccinate them for. In NY you cant get any needles to vaccinate the chicks with, so I could only do the vaccinations that you add to their water.

    What do you vaccinate your chicks for?
  2. I only asked the hatchery to vaccinate against Marek's. I also use medicated feed. Other than that I practice strict biosecurity and have not had any problems.

    Don't you just love how good old NYS is always looking out for us?

    If you want to use injectable vaccine just ask around and see if you can find someone with diabetes that takes insulin. I'm sure they wouldn't mind loaning you a couple of their syringes.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote:I am interested to learn more about what you mean by "strict biosecurity." I bought 6 BRs from a local guy who does not vaccinate. I have not fed mine medicated feed, and at 4 weeks, everyone is still doing fine. I'm about to kick them outside to the coop this coming weekend because they are too big for the brooder, ha ha! I am fairly religious about changing out their pine shavings and I always wash my hands before/after dealing with them. Are there other measures to take once they go outside? These are the only chickens I've ever had so I don't have "previous flock" issues.


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