Vaccinated and unvaccinated birds?


9 Years
Aug 12, 2010
One of my friends recently told me that if a bird is vaccinated for Mareks disease that it will shed the live virus in it's poop and give it to the unvaccinated birds. Is this true? I have vaccinated and unvaccinated birds that range togther in the same barn like they have for months now and they are all fine. The same person said that I could not show vaccinated birds because they would transmit whatever they were vaccinated for to all the unvaccinated birds. I am signed up for a show in October and I am getting kind of nervous about this so I would love someone to answer my question. I love all my birds and would hate to see them get hurt do to human error.
If the vaccine is a live virus type, then yes, the birds can shed and the white sheet, which should come with the vaccine, will state for how long. Some of the human vaccines also contain live viruses, and those vaccinated can shed the virus too. Example: all of the latest cases of polio in this country have come from the vaccine.

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