Vaccinated or not? I'm not quite sure if this is ok...


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We took a trip to the feed store today for some basic "research" (and to see if they had any chicks we could sneak home). They're receiving a batch of chicks tomorrow morning, and we were hoping to make a trip back to pick up a couple. I asked if they would be vaccinated against Marek's, and I was told that they would not be. The hatchery vaccinates the parents, and so the chicks end up with passed on immunity. They also suggested medicated feed as well. Is this common, and is this acceptable?
That is common practice in my experience. I don't know about the immunity being passed down, but I do know that at least up here those who do sell chicks do not vaccinate against Maricks. It's my understanding that it's something more for large commercial type flocks. Medicated feed is a good idea though. It'll help prevent cocci, which will be one of your biggest health threats.
I dont vaccinate my chicks and Ive never had a case of Mareks. I also dont feed medicated feed, and never had a problem with coccida. My chicks also get moved outside around 3-4 weeks, so they are on the ground basically from then.

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