9 Years
Mar 1, 2010
Plainfield, CT
I'm getting very itchy! The chicks should hit our local stores real soon and I'm doing lots of research before I jump into this head first....

I am planning on getting my chicks from a local farm supply store here in town, or a Tractor Supply store not too far away. I was checking out and l noticed that when you order chicks from there, you can specify weather or not you want the chicks to have the Mareks vaccine. I would think that it's something that you would question is, should I expect the chicks at our local stores to have had this vaccine, and if not, what kind of risks do the chicks run without it?


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You'll need to ask whether the chicks at the TSC or farm store have been vaccinated. I chose not to have my chicks directly from the hatchery vaccinated. There's lots of information here on BYC about the pros and cons of vaccinating. You can find this info. by using the search feature at the top of the page.
Good luck with your future chicks.

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