Vaccinating for Fowl Pox at 6 weeks??


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Mar 25, 2021
Hi all! I keep getting conflicting information on this so wanted to ask here and get some actual opinions from people! I didn't vaccinate my last flock of ladies and they all got dry fowl pox with this last rainy and humid summer we had in Texas. They all did fine and healed up. We have 6 week old chicks we're going to add to the flock (not with them now), but I want to vaccinate them and I purchased vaccine from Valley Vet, but the insert says wait until 8 weeks and I would like to go ahead and do it now if I can. Some people say as young as 4 weeks and some say wait so I am so confused! I have a mix of babies (one silkie, but mostly wyandottes, eggers and favorelles). Am I good to go now or wait?

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