Vaccinating For Marek's?


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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
I am soon going to hatch eggs and want to know how to vaccinate my chicks for Marek's disease. I also have a 6 month flock that I would like to vaccinate. Is it too late for them? Thanks.

The vaccination process is basic.

Purchase the vaccine online. Get syringes and needles at the same time.

Directions some with the vaccine. One injection under the skin on the back if the neck.

As far as 6 month old birds, the rumor is that as long as they have not been exposed, the vaccine will work. It is strongly encouraged to do it on day olds.

Good luck.
thank you so much! what if the 6 monthers have been exposed a little, but i dont know that? will it be bad for them?
Exposed a little is like kind of pregnant. Do a search, there is a bunch of info on here about how to go about it. I agree you might as well shoot all of them, you'll have extra vaccine mixed up. Remember to 1/4 your waifer to make it go farther, also keep your peeps away from all chicken dander/dust for 14 days after.

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