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Sep 5, 2013
What vaccinations do chickens need? all that are "really" needed! List them if you can!

*much appreciated*

-Ericandhischickens :)
Yes, I would like to know this too !! I have three /20 week old Golden Sexlinks. Started laying at 17 weeks. What vaccinations do they need ?
I see that you have already decided not to vaccinate. However, I think that you should think about vaccinating for Marek's. The vaccination is given to young (1-2 day old) chicks, though can be given to adult birds( but this is not usually effective). Marek's is a terrible disease that is found nearly everywhere, and can destroy a flock.
I think my chickens are to old now. They are 5 months old. I have 3 Golden Sexlinks that lay 3 eggs every day. That is why i decided not to vaccinate. Thanks for you comment. All is very helpful and appreciated
So stressed reading about Marek's disease. Im waiting for a call from my feed store to see if they vaccinated
Don't worry about it now because if they aren't vaccinated there is nothing you can do now. Being all stressed out will just cause you to have high blood pressure. Keep your birds feed well with a quality feed, make sure they have fresh clean water, give them some treats occasionally maybe a little scratch everyday and enjoy them. Enjoy those big fresh brown eggs and be thankful that you have them. After a while you won't always get 3 eggs a day with 3 birds but that is normal, a gold sex link hybrid will generally lay about 270 eggs a years for 2 or 3 years an then slow down. At that time its good to start thinking about replacing them if you're using them for eggs get some young birds and start over. This is why its a good idea in my opinion not to get to attached to a chicken and don't expect her to keep laying forever!
I need expert advise on vaccinations! I'm a new chick mama! I live 5 or more miles from a bunch of chicken houses.
We are in the country and also have a big flock of wild birds of all orients. I just got some babies but no one has been outside yet. I know the main vaci s is out because of age. Anything else???

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