Vaccines and Side Effects on Chicks. Advice Needed!


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
I gave my chicks Newcastle vaccinations when they were 7 days old. They are 11 days old now and they seems to be a little bit congessted. Could this be a possible side effect of the Newcastle Vaccination? Should I worry?
Hmm seems no one knows about vaccine side effects. I tried to find info on the net and couldn't really find that much. One chick is a bit more congested today buy the cough doesn't seem as bad. All the other chicks seem 100% fine. Yesterday I move the chick that was the most congested to another cage, didn't want to make problems with all the other chicks that are healthy. I will cull this chick if it gets any worse in the next 3 days. I don't want any of my chickens and chicks to get sick because of this one. My adult chickens are very healthy. The main reason I think it could have been a side effect is because the chick was really healthy before I gave it the vaccine.
Why not contact a moderator and see if you can get your thread moved to the emergencies and illness section. I know we have a few experts on that sort of thing that cruise that section heavily looking for ways to help.

I wish I could help, but I don't vaccinate. Good luck to you.

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