vampire chickens


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May 26, 2009
Western Mass
my chickens aren't blood suckers, but they hate sunlight.
They stay in their coop until 2pm when the trees block the sunlight. and When I let them free range they run around in the shade but act as if there is an invisible fence where the shade ends. Its only in the lower 70s here so I dont think they are too hot. anyone else experience this?
Thats funny.. Mine actually look for the sun and then make their dirt bath hole right where the sun is. Weird, but I have heard weirder
Mine do the same thing. If they decide to cross the sunny part (usually to get to me) they run like mad. It's hotter here, though.
Most likely it's instinct to avoid flying predators and stay under something. Mine hate crossing open areas of the yard. They try to stay next to buildings, tall grass, or trees. If they have to go out in open areas they hesitate at the edge of where they think it's safe (often where shade ends) and then bolt toward the next potential shelter before acting normal again.

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