Vanishing Peacocks.........Opinions?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by VaM715, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I have had peacocks for about 2 years. I started with 2 males and one female with 3 chicks and I bought another chick. I free range them all. Last year one of the males vanished without a trace. The other male has been the king of the flock. The chick I bought turned out to be male. He is now about 18 months old. Today is day 3 that the original male and his original mate have been gone. Are these birds territorial to the point that maybe he took his girl and left due to the other peacocks(i young male and 3 females)? He strutted all spring and summer and has never left. I have searched for feathers and there is no sign of anything taking place. So maybe he decided it was time to take his wife and leave for greener pastures? I got up at daylight and listened for his morning crowing, but all I got was silence. Opinions?
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    Have close neighbors? Did they visit other houses or wander off property? If they are, it's possible that someone who doesn't like them may have been trapping to get rid of them. Lots of people really don't like peafowl.

    Peafowl are highly attracted to other flocks and if within their hearing distance, they will go visit them. I get semi regular visits from neighborhood blues.. sometimes they will stay for days or couple weeks.. in fact one of the blue hens made and is sitting on her own nest of 5 eggs here right now. Her owner won't be seeing her at all for a month as a result..

    When I had a group of free ranges, sometimes they would jump the fence.. neighbors have told me they see people driving by stop and try to catch them. Seems they usually failed to catch any, but did have a couple that mysteriously disappeared.

    It's also possible they wandered good distance off and then some predator caught them.. so the evidence would be a good distance off..

    The new birds are not the reason they disappeared. The males will fight some but there are many places with several adult males and females & most stay.
  3. Best of luck... all mine got lost in the corn feild... and i thought they were gone forever. until the police showed up... they were like, "Sir, are you missing peacocks?", and I was like, why?? what happend? [​IMG]

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