Vaseline and Frostbite?

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  1. I kept hearing this before the weather got nasty, and despite my best efforts, my biggest roo (with the biggest comb) managed to get a frostbitten tine or two on his magnificient comb a couple of days ago.

    This is an 18lb bird who does NOT care to be handled, though he's generally friendly.

    I also admit to being very skeptical by nature, and as a former pharmacy tech for 10 years, thought this was sort of a strange solution to the problem. So I've been doing some research. There's lots of anecdotal evidence about Vaseline, but when I finally tracked down actual research studies on it, it seems that the opposite can happen :/. That's not good!

    From a research based website, an article titled Prevention of Cold Injuries during Exercise
    Quote: 1. Lehmuskallio, E., H. Rintamaki, and H. Anttonen. Thermal effects of emollients on facial skin in the cold. Acta Derm. Venereol. 80:203-207, 2000.
    2. Thorleifsson, A., and H. C. Wulf. Emollients and the response of facial skin to a cold environment. Br. J. Dermatol. 148:1149-1152, 2003.
    3. Lehmuskallio, E. Emollients in the prevention of frostbite. Int. J. Circumpolar Health 59:122-130, 2000.

    I've got some antibiotic /cream/ on him now, because it's water based, not oil based. I hope it doesn't totally disfigure his pretty least he's a breeder and not a show roo!

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    Yes, I also hear that since vaseline is greasy, if you put it on the comb and the chicken gets in the dirt it can get very dirty and it is hard to clean away the greasy dirt.
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    Chickens also more prone to frostbite if they get dehydrated. Weather extremes determine the use of vitamins-electrolytes in water, not just hot weather. Having water placed in an area to prevent freezing, and even warm water placed in the morning, or on a safe heating element helps. We have freezing temperatures during the Winter but have never had problems with frostbite. Dry, draft free housing helps too, of course.
  4. The dry, ventilated but draft free housing I have. The water I clean out 4 times a day because I don't have a SAFE way to install a heated water basin. But I will add the electrolytes. They can't hurt.

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