Vegetarians, How Do You Navigate Restaurants


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Jun 26, 2008
My hubby wanted a good steak so we went to a restaurant that serves steaks. Of course, I didn't expect much choices for vegetarian entires. The salad was good and filling, so I am not complaining. But I don't always feel like a salad.

We went to a Japanese restaurant and for some odd reason, I assumed that they would have more vegetarian choices. No such luck. So I cobbled a meal from the appetizers of miso soup and vegetable tempura. (spelling?)

So how do you handle going to restaurants that don't have vegetarain entres? Do you just pick a bunch of side dishes and appetizers? NONE of my friends are vegetarians so if we go out, I don't want to be the sole person asking to go some place different then the others.

I am new to vegetarianism so this is all new to me.
Personally, I can go to most restaurants and not have a problem finding something to eat. I've been a vegetarian since birth, so I guess I'm used to finding parts of the menu with no meat. I love pasta dishes, vegetable sushi (and vegetable udon, ramen, etc.), salads, vegetable burritos, tofu, vegetable chow mein, breakfast foods for dinner, rice, vegetable soups, veggie burgers, and so on. I don't know if I've ever been to a restaurant where I couldn't find something to eat that I enjoyed. My favorite is buffets because there's plenty to choose from for everyone!

If you can't find things on the menu without meat, you can always request that they make it without meat. Sometimes that's not possible, but a lot of the times they're happy to make it for you and it tastes just fine. Also, it's good to request to look at the menu before choosing to eat at a restaurant to make sure you can find something on the menu to eat.

I hope that helps, and kudos to you for switching to a vegetarian diet!
I'm very proud of being a vegetarian. There are hundreds of great sites devoted to vegetarian recipes, so there's always plenty to eat around here.
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For dishes where they are adding a lot of different things together, I think you could just ask them to leave out the meat. Like a stir fry. Or if they cook up pasta, add a sauce and top it with chunks of some type of meat. A lot of places have their menus on the web, so you could look at them ahead of time, to get an idea of what your options will be.

You might be able to find some places that have better selections for you, while still having lots of options for your husband and friends, too. I've been to places that have a more diverse selection of foods. Not every group of diners is all vegetarian or all meat eaters. Some restaurants have recognized this and cater to mixed groups, with their menu. If their food is good, your husband and friends might enjoy a new place, too. You could always try it out with just your husband, first, if you weren't sure how your friends would like it.
I am sure you guys are seeing health benifits from not eating meat but I just could not imagine life without beef. I dont know how yall do it. Keep it up though as it leaves more beef for me
Almost all restaurants will make vegetarian meals. It also depends on the degree of vegetarian you are,, it's easier to leave the chicken off a Ceasar Salad that it is to try and make one with no eggs or cheese involved. I've asked at many Chinese places to have a dish made vegetarian, but then around here 50% of the menu's are vegetarian. The easiest thing is to tell your server you are vegetarian and ask what they have or what they can do to accommodate you.
I'm not a vegetarian, but I eat 99% meatless, so does my mom and son and my dad is moving that way. The Chinese place in El Paso I love to eat knows me so well I don't even have to ask lol,, and the last three times we went there, the four of us,, the only meat on the table was in Steven's beef fried rice,, and he took it out and home to the cats.

(Just don't go to Subway and order the Veggie Delight without checking your bag,,,, lol I got to class and had a Meatball and Pepperoni sandwich,,, blackkakah!)
Sometimes it is tricky to find resatarants that have good vege options. My hubby and I try to look for places that might serve breakfasts or sandwiches. I eat cheese, so sometimes I can get grilled cheese, or pasta with cheese or pizza is a good option. Often, if you ask your server if there are vege options, they sometimes will have gardenburgers in replacement of meat patties on burgers or something like that. Baked potatos are a staple for eating out, too.
I'm vegetarian (eggs and milk are ok), not vegan, so IMO most restaurants have plenty to eat! I rarely eat out but if I do, pretty much everyone has a pasta dish, a veggie burger, pizza, or even mac and cheese. I'm not really into salads, so if I am at a steakhouse with nothing I think looks good, there's always the option of ordering all veggies or a baked potato with veggies, etc.

Again, I rarely eat out unless it's an extra special occasion..

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