Veins in the leg


5 Years
Apr 5, 2014
A couple days ago, my mom and I went chick shopping for my friend's Easter pictures. She usually likes the stereotypical yellow chick, so we got three white rocks for her, only to come back to us. Along with those, we got a silkie and two red sex link pullets. They are no older than two weeks, and one of the red sex links started hobbling around while she was with my friend for pictures. We didn't have the chicks for more than a day, so we figured it was just the unfortunate bad hatches. However, the chick stopped walking and will now only sit. She sleeps a lot, but will eat and drink when I move her over by the water. She rolls around when she gets uncomfortable, and we wondered if she broke her leg. Well, my mom felt and compared the legs and they were both fine. Until only moments ago I thought it was just a fluke. I looked at her leg, and there were almost red veins popping out from the tip of her leg all the way down to her one toe. The whole toe is also inflamed, but not the leg. Is there any idea of what's going on? Any advice would be helpful, I've never seen anything like this happen. Thanks.

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