vent picked, egg bound, picked again, prolapse???

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I had 2 hens I pulled from a pen as they were getting picked at on their vents. Was muddy and their vents were exposed, black flies were biting leaving little blood spots and other hens picked. only my wheaten girls were getting picked at, the rest in the pen were black. The 2 girls stopped laying for a week and seemed to be healing fine. Black flies are still around because I checked one of the girls a few days ago and saw the little dots(look different than hen picked). I didnt see the girls yesterday as my husband let them all out for me and my son closed up the coops last night. I opened their coop this morning and saw blood on one of the hens head. I snatched her up to inspect and took me two seconds to realize it wasn't her blood. I grabbed the other one and sure enough she was pecked. I had put blukote before but didn't get around to reapply. She had an egg right there and was all swollen. I soaked her for a while and all the while she kept grunting and wouldn't stop trying to push it out. Problem was the hen had picked a hole in a membrane and she was trying to push egg out of this torn, bloody hole that was 1/2 inch. The other side was all swollen and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the egg back to where it belongs and if left alone she kept pushing making it tear and bleed more. I decided to break the egg. I carefully broke it, drained the contents with a syringe, folded it into itself and removed all of it. I then took a 1 liter bottle, drilled a hole in the cap, and flushed it. I applied prep-h to try to reduce the swelling on the other side. I figure it was better than her continuing to tear herself to get it out. She is now in my dark bathroom. Has anyone had a hen that got a hole in her "plumbing" that ended up ok? I know this is long and thanks for getting this far [​IMG] also, any suggestions/advice is appreciated
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    ugh, she tried to lay another egg, I understand this could be because she may not have laid a couple days....but how many eggs can they "hold"?
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    Quote:it sounds like your doing all you can.i cant offer much advice.ive never dealt with it before,but definitely keep her in a dark room.give her plenty of healthy snacks and see what happens.i sure hope she gets better.maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in..good luck..

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